The Why

I’m not known for my fashion sense. You can usually catch me in black athleisure. I’m probably the least qualified person to design a clothing line.

But I’ve always loved a good idea.

My dad calls it “pulling a Megan” (my given name) – getting struck by an idea, obsessing over it, and just going for it because my mind is already set on it. (Later in life I discovered that it was really just intuition and the perfect dash of irresponsibility.)

It all started with a simple phrase: Expect Good Things. To be honest, I don’t even know how it began. I’d close out my SoulCycle classes with everyone saying it together. Then later this saying evolved into the sign-off I used for my podcast. 

Eventually, my friends would start saying things like, “Well, this is ‘the not-so-great circumstance,’ but hey, we’re expecting good things.”

Expect Good Things.

As a life coach and eternal optimist (hello, Enneagram 7!) I often wondered why it was so difficult for people to actually expect good things in their lives. As I became an NLP Practitioner with a focus on how the mindset works, I realized that our brains have been unconsciously conditioned to expect the worst-case scenario. “For protection.” “To keep us safe.” To keep us small.

Let’s not be small anymore.

I imagined a person passing a stranger on the street who was wearing something that said “Expect Good Things.” Something that could be a little reminder to wake their unconscious self up from overthinking negative thoughts, from walking around like a zombie and pause for a moment to think, “Oh ya…I guess this actually might work out for me.”

Then I thought about how that person’s day would be, if they actually started to focus on the positive outcomes that could be in store for their lives. How those positive thoughts would attract more positive energy and how even the simplest shift in direction for a thought could take someone from a spiral of doubt and fear of disappointment to feeling confident, hopeful, and grateful. I wondered, “What would it be like if more people actually started focusing on the outcome they want, and not on the one they don’t want?”

So I “pulled a Megan” and here we are.

I hope you enjoy the positive vibes and have fun spreading them around! Lastly, I hope you are proud of yourself for getting here and for helping others wake up too. Thank you for being a magical co-creator of the elevation of the collective consciousness. The world is grateful you are here! 

Expect Good Things…Always! And they will happen.


Meg Ellis

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