Here...We Expect Good Things

Fate is a specially curated line of high vibe daily staples designed to serve as conscious reminders to focus on what you want...and not on what you don't want. Join the movement and spread the message to others!

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Elevate the collective consciousness...

We're here to guide all humans away from fearing disappointment and into believing that things are going to work out. Join our mission to remind others to expect good things...beginning with the strangers you pass on the street.

  • Curious.

    Embrace tranquility and cultivate inner peace as you embark on a journey of self-reflection with our serene collection of calming journals.

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  • Balanced.

    Experience a sense of serenity with our luxuriously soft collection of clothes and leggings designed to nurture your well-being.

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  • Vibrant.

    Express your vibrant, authentic self with our exuberantly colorful collection of pride clothes, celebrating inclusivity, self-acceptance, and mental well-being.

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Expect good things

Conscious + Comfort

What's better than spreading positivity? Doing it in luxury athleisure. (Where's the lie?)

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Meet MEG

It Was Fate

As a conscious life coach, Meg saw an opportunity to subconsciously retrain your brain towards positive thoughts...beginning with a crop top...

I Gotta Get The Whole Story...