What WEARFATE is all about

WEARFATE is a powerful online blog that was built on the premise and foundation of helping others. It is a place to catch up on the latest fashion trends, find new trends, discover brands we love, get tips and tricks and solid advice. Above all, WEARFATE is dedicated to helping, motivating, and more importantly, inspiring others. 

Why Be A Sponsor?

At WEARFATE, we’ve got you covered—meaning, we deliver top-notch discussions, reviews, and tips on your brand to our wide-span of amazing viewers. By the way, did I mention we do it in such a beautiful way that it will grab the attention of the most busy, unfocused, ADHD viewer out there? Well, it will, because our number one focus is not just good content but exceptionally beautiful and creative content. We strongly believe in delivering the best and most beautiful user experience possible. I’m sure you value delivering beautiful products to your customers, am I right? If so, then that means we’re already on the same page and have similar values. So let’s collaborate and create beautiful things together. I know we can.

What We Are Looking For In Our Sponsors

The sponsors we are currently looking to collaborate with are those that have similar goals and values of our own. We value our readers and user experience above all else. We value creativity, design, and nothing less than beautiful, high-quality, content. Our goal is to inspire our readers by showing them the beauty of your brand, generate their creative side, and give them darn-good recommendations and friendly advice. Therefore, the sponsors we are looking to build a relationship with, are those that have similar interests and style as WEARFATE.

We only go through with a sponsorship if we know that everyone will benefit from it. That means the sponsor, the readers, and the blog will all benefit. If you’re a clothing company that loves creativity and awesomeness, then I’m confident there will be a substantial benefit for everyone.

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