This blog is a personal blog (bloginess) written and edited by me, Mollie Moon. Occasionally, my husband, Zac, writes post or helps me edit my post but for the most part he handles the back-end operations such as marketing, that is—if he’s not busy designing something. Anyway, everything written on this blog is purely opinionated just as everything else is on the internet and in life (see what I did there ;).

This blog was created because of the overwhelming passion I have for fashion and personal styling. In a short amount of time, WEARFATE has become a very important part of my life. I wake up everyday with a chance to create something new and inspire someone through fashion and other lifestyle trends. I feel truly blessed. I just want you to all know that I am extremely dedicated to helping others from head-to-toe (literally) and that WEARFATE is here to stay.


In this section here, I’m going to be very honest as always. Most bloggers will write in their disclaimer that they “don’t care about money” or that their “not looking to make money from their blog”. If that was true, then why do they have a ga-zillion ads and affiliate links on their site?

The truth is, everyone wants to make money. Especially, from something they love doing because how else can you afford to keep blogging day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month with no income. There’s not enough hours in the day to work a full-time job, be a full-time blogger, be a full-time wife/girlfriend/mom, and have a life. Not even for Superwoman.

So here at WEARFATE we would love to grow our blog into a profitable bloginess, that is one of our goals. However, we would never do that at the expense of our viewers. YOU come first! And we would never lie or try to hide that goal from you. Currently, we are associated with Shopstyle and do receive a commission from any products linked to their system. However, the products we link from Shopstyle are all personally hand-picked items by my husband and I. We would never put a product on our site if we wouldn’t buy it ourselves. Our main purpose for doing this is to show you our style, and hopefully by seeing ours and hearing our input you can build off of that and develop or build upon your own unique and beautiful style. Please understand that it would be very difficult to have a fashion and lifestyle blog without showing you products and recommendations.

As far as advertising goes, we do not participate. I know bloggers can get paid by the amount of clicks they get on an ad, but I really just don’t like ads. They’re too distracting. I’d rather you stay on our site and benefit from our content versus the latter.

Furthermore, we don’t currently participate in any sponsorships or paid reviews. However, we may in the future since we don’t use third-party advertisements. That way, we can generate some additional revenue to stay blogging but if we do decide to go that route in the future, you guys will know about it. This disclaimer would be updated in that event and the post would be marked as sponsored if it was. But, everything that is on our site is there because we believe in it, not because someone wanted us to put it there. Therefore, if a third party wanted us to promote a product or give them a review in exchange for money or other goods. Then, it would only happen if we absolutely 100% loved the product and thought it to be of value to our viewers.


Let me be very clear here, we are not photographers. Meaning, a lot of our images come from other sources and we do everything we can to provide proper photo credit. We acknowledge the creative efforts by those photographers and pay them with attribution. With all the images on todays internet it is very difficult to keep track of which photos have reserved rights and which ones are free for general use. We use stock photo websites for our images such as Shutterstock that we have to pay for and sometimes we use free sources. However, if you see an image on our site that violates your rights, we will remove it immediately and we apologize in advance for any misunderstanding.

On the other hand, we do like to pretend we’re professional photographers when we’re taking pictures of personal products. When we get a new product in, I personally love to do “show and tell”. So you will see a lot of images on our site taken by me or my husband. And to be completely fair, anyone may use images from our site but please please provide the URL and our brand name so that everyone is within the appropriate guidelines.


That’s everything!

For any questions about this blog, please contact me directly through our site via the contact page or through social media outlets. Thank you so much!

This policy is valid from 16 February 2016