WEARFATE is a domain for fashion inspiration and motivation.


I mostly write about things I’m truly passionate about—fashion and personal style! Some say clothes are just clothes but they’re so much more. They give people style, personality, and personal expression. They effect influence, power, happiness, confidence, and more. Clothes are an everyday part of life and I just love the freedom of expression, self-identity, and overall energy they give off.

With that said, I want to share my passion with others and hopefully inspire and motivate them to find and share theirs. I blog to connect with you beautiful peeps and to inspire you to find your own personal style and identity by sharing my own.

I want others to feel good about themselves and that comes from within, however, looking and feeling good on the outside matters just as much as the inside.

WEARFATE was created by Mollie and Zac Moon. They created WEARFATE to inspire and motivate others through fashion, style, ways of living, and photography.

We discuss topics related to clothing, the things we WEAR. Furthermore, things “we wear” are considered a way of life, and some common synonyms of “way of life” are: lifestyle; way of living; life; customs; culture; and FATE. As you can probably see, that is how the name WEARFATE was born.

Mollie and Zac have big plans for WEARFATE as it feels like more than just a blog! They know the potential WEARFATE has to become a clothing brand of its own. WEARFATE is already amazing as is with all the beautiful articles and imagery related to personal style and chic fashion; but there is actually more to come…

WEARFATE is growing and will continue to grow and evolve, and as you keep coming back for more you will not only see WEARFATE’s growth but how you’ve grown with WEARFATE. Your fashion intuition will evolve, your style will grow, your inspiration will grow, and your closet will probably grow a little too. No matter the case, the point of life is to grow and evolve. It’s what we do, and what WEARFATE intends to do with you.

In the short amount of time since WEARFATE began, we’ve been featured on Forever 21, American Eagle and Rue 21.

If you’re interested in a collaboration, please email We offer multiple options when it comes to working with brands and are always open to new ideas and offers. We always love working with amazing brands that fit our style!